SCHEDULE 2022-2023

Classes begin from September 5th, 2022 until June 27th, 2023.


Monday & Wed 18:30-19:30h Laia Molins
Tuesday & Thurs 9:30-10:30h Roser Font
Monday 16-17:30h Isabel Lasa
Wednesday 21-22:15h Clara Martínez (Pending)
Friday 9:30-11h Assumpta Planas
Friday 14:30-16h Isabel Lasa

Saturday 10-11h Matteo Nicolai (Pending)

Advanced beginners

Monday & Wed 10:45-12h Roser Font
Monday 21-22:15h Margaux Cañal
Wednesday 16-17:30h Isabel Lasa
Wednesday 20:15-21:30h Maria Bossy
Friday 16-17:30h Isabel Lasa

Saturday 11-12:30h Matteo Nicolai

Monday & Wed 9:30-10:45h Rubén Pérez
Monday & Wed 17-18:30h Laia Molins
Monday & Wed 19-20:15h Maria Bossy
Tuesday & Thur 14:45-16h Roser Font
Tuesday & Thur 20:45-22h Matteo Nicolai
Friday 9:15-10:45h Maria Bossy

Friday 17:30-19h Isabel Lasa

Monday & Wed 9:30-10:45h Roser Font/ Roser Font/ Estefanía Porqueras *
Monday & Wed 10:45-12h Laia Molins  *
Monday & Wed 19:30-21h Sharon Lavi
Tuesday & Thur 9:30-10:45h Maria Bossy/Maria Bossy/Rubén Pérez ‘Fruty’ *
Tuesday & Thur 10:45-12h Guillem Alonso *
Tuesday & Thur 20:30-22h Estefanía Porqueras
Friday 17-18:30h Estefanía Porqueras

Saturday 12:45-14:15h Matteo Nicolai

Monday & Wed 12-13:15h Laia Molins  *
Monday & Wed 13:15-14:30h Guillem Alonso *
Monday & Wed 15-17h Estefanía Porqueras
Monday & Wed 18-19:30h Sharon Lavi
Tuesday & Thurs 12-13:15h Roser Font  *

Tuesday & Thurs 13:15-14:30h Estefanía Porqueras  *

Wednesday 19:30-21h Clara Martínez
Friday 13-14:30h Advanced level Rubén Pérez/Roser Font/Guillem Alonso
Friday 13-14:30h Interm. level Guillem Alonso/Rubén Pérez/Roser Font

CAJÓN & TAP DANCE (min. 2 years of tap)
Friday 16-17:30h Txus Eguílaz (begins in November)

Wednesday & Thursday 10:15-11:45h Tato Sassone
Wednesday & Thursday 12:15-13:45h Tato Sassone

SINGING THE STANDARDS (Voice for Tap dancers) – 2nd trimester

Tuesday 10:30-11:45h (begins January 10th) Ernest Fuster

Tuesday 12:15-13:30h (begins January 10th) Ernest Fuster

HISTORY OF TAP DANCE – 3rd trimestre 

Tuesday 10:30-11:45h Gisela Noguero (begins April 11th)

Tuesday 12:15-13:30h Gisela Noguero (begins April 11th)


11-18 years old (Level 1) Wednesday 17:30-19h Isabel Lasa
7-11 years old (Level 2) Monday 17:30-18:30h Isabel Lasa

11-18 years old (Level 2) Monday 18:30-20h Isabel Lasa

YOUTH COMPANY Saturday 10:45-12:45 Guillem Alonso

*These classes start in October and belong to our Tap Training Program, but they are open to all those who have the required level

Tuesday 16:15-17:30h Maria Bossy
Thursday 19:45-21h Jaume Bonnin (beg/elem)

Monday 14:30-16h Maria Bossy
Friday 10-11:15h Paloma Torres
Saturday 11-12:30h Maria Bossy

Monday & Thurs 18:15-19:45h Jaume Bonnin
Tuesday & Thurs 12:15-13:45h Anna M. Morera
Thursday 13:45-14:15h POINTE CLASS Anna M. Morera
Friday 14:30-16h Maria Bossy
Saturday 12:30-14h Maria Bossy

Monday 16-17:30h Beàlia Guerra

Wednesday 16-17:30h Anna M. Morera

Tuesday & Thurs 19:45-21:15h Anna M. Morera
Friday 12-13:30h Anna Vila

4-5 years old – Tuesday 17:30-18:15h Introduction to dance – Ana Cortés
5-6 years old – Monday 17:15-18:15h Èlia Brugulat (This class is full)
7-8 years old – Tuesday 17:15-18:15h Èlia Brugulat
7-8 years old – Friday 17:30-18:30h Èlia Brugulat
8-10 years old – Thursday 17:30-18:30h Èlia Brugulat
11-15 years old – Tuesday & Thursday 18:30-19:45h Anna Maria Morera
11-15 years old – Wednesday POINTE CLASS 17:30-18:45h Anna Maria Morera

Tuesday 9:45-11:15h Victor Josep Rodrigo
Wednesday 16-17:15h Maria Quero

Advanced beginners
Monday 10:15-11:45h  Simonson technique Anna Agustí
Friday 16-17:30h Maria Quero (Pending)

Thursday 21-22:15h Maria Quero

Monday 12:15-13:45h Jota (Pending)
Monday & Wed 18:30-19:45h Victor J. Rodrigo
Tuesday 19:15-20:45h Jota
Wednesday 14:30-16h Simonson technique Anna Agustí

Wednesday 10-11:45h Simonson technique Anna Agustí

Monday & Wed 19:45-21:15h Victor J. Rodrigo
Thursday 10-12h Victor J. Rodrigo

4-5 years old – Tuesday 17:30-18:15h Introduction to dance – Ana Cortés
6-9 years old -Wednesday 17:30-18:30h Maria Quero
8-11 years old – Thursday 17:30-18:30h Roberth Aramburo                                                                                            12-15 years old -Monday 17:30-18:30h Beàlia Guerra

Friday 16-17:15h Èlia Brugulat

Advanced beginners

Thursday 16-17:30h Èlia Brugulat

Tuesday 11:15-12:15h Auliak Technique Matías Martínez
Wednesday 12-13h Auliak Technique Matías Martínez

Monday 21:30-22:30h Auliak Technique Matías. Martínez
Tuesday 21:30-22:30h Auliak Technique Matías. Martínez
Wednesday 21:15-22:30h Auliak Technique Matías. Martínez
Thursday 21:30-22:30h Auliak Technique Matías. Martínez
Friday 18:30-20h Auliak Technique Matías Martínez
Saturday 9:45-10:45h Auliak Technique Matías Martínez

Beginners Friday 14:30-16h Txus Eguílaz (begins in November)

Intermediate Friday 11:30-13h Txus Eguílaz (begins in November)

Intermediate Tuesday 18-19:15h Anna Llombart

Hip Hop
Beginners Thursday 18:30-19:30h Matteo Nicolai

Locking/Popping Tuesday 17:30-18:30h Assumpta Planas 


Break Dance 4-9 years old – Wednesday 17:30-18:30h Roberto Siles

Hip Hop 9-13 years old – Tuesday 18-19h Matteo Nicolai
Hip Hop 15-18 years old – Tuesday & Thursday 19:30-20:30h Matteo Nicolai

Advanced Beginners
Monday 20:30-21h Betlem Burcet

Monday 18-19h Betlem Burcet

Monday 19:30-20:30h Betlem Burcet

Elementary Wednesday 9:30-10:30h Ludovica Mosca

Intermediate/adv. Monday 20-21:15h Ludovica Mosca

Intermediate/adv. Wednesday 10:30-11:45h Ludovica Mosca

Tuesday 13:40-14:40h Barbara Verri
Tuesday 14:40-15:40h Barbara Verri
Thursday 13:50-14:35h Barbara Verri
Thursday 14:40-15:25h Barbara Verri

Intermediate/advanced Wednesday 12-13h Ludovica Mosca 

Thursday 19:30-20:30h Barbara Verri (Pending)

Saturday 10:30-12h Beginners level with Beatriz del Pozo (begins in March)

Price list

Registration fee: 59€ new students (40€ January) / 49 € past students (33€ January) // 10 hours pack: 135€ // Single classes: 15€ per hour
Monthly quote
  • 0h45 min./week = 36€
  • 1h/week = 47€
  • 1h30min/week = 64€
  • 2h/week = 76€
  • 2h30min/week = 87€
  • 3h/week = 99€
  • 4h/week = 123
  • 5h/week = 147€
  • 6h/week = 171€

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