Castanets classes in Barcelona

What are the Castanets classes?

Castanets are a percussion instrument traditionally used in Spanish music and dance, but they are also integrated into multiple musical styles. In our castanets classes, you will learn technique and interpretation of this iconic instrument while immersing yourself in a wide range of expressive and cultural possibilities. From beginner to advanced, our classes are designed to suit all skill and experience levels.

What do you need to learn Castanets classes?

To start your castanets classes at the Escola Luthier de Dansa, you only need a pair of castanets and a great enthusiasm for learning. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for the dance. Don’t worry if you don’t have previous experience; our dedicated and patient teachers will guide you through the learning process, making sure you have fun and progress in every class.

Benefits of Castanets classes:

Learning to play Castanets at our school will not only allow you to immerse yourself in the fascinating Spanish culture, but will also provide you with numerous benefits: 

  1. Development of rhythmic skills and coordination: Castanets require precision and timing, which helps improve your sense of rhythm and coordination between your hands and feet. 
  2. Artistic expression: Through the castanets classes, you will be able to explore and develop your own style of dance and personal expression. 
  3. Improve Posture and Strength: Dancing with castanets requires good posture and solid footwork, which helps strengthen your muscles and improve your overall posture. 
  4. Inclusive and friendly environment: Escola Luthier de Dansa is known for its welcoming and supportive environment, which will allow you to make new friends and connect with people who share your interests. 
  5. Experienced and Passionate Teachers: Our team of highly trained professionals ensure that you receive the best instruction possible and that each class is a rewarding experience.

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