Baroque dance classes in Barcelona

What is baroque dance?

Baroque dance is the direct predecessor of classical dance both in its nomenclature and in its technical demands. Baroque dances took hold in Europe between the 17th and the first half of the 18th century. These dances are known for their elegance, refinement, ornamentation and choreographic complexity. Baroque dance had its heyday in the French court of King Louis XIV and also enjoyed a great expansion throughout Europe. Among the best known baroque dances are: Courante, Sarabande, Menuet, Gavotte, Gigue, Chaconne, etc.

What do you need to learn baroque dance classes?

No previous dance experience is necessary to join our baroque dance classes at Escola Luthier de Dansa. Our highly qualified professionals will guide you through the basics of technique, music and choreography of this style. You just need to come with an open mind, comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes, and you will be ready to embark on this exciting journey.


Benefits of baroque dances

Learning baroque dance at the Escola Luthier de Dansa will provide you with numerous benefits:

  1. Development of technical and artistic skills in a historical and elegant dance style.
  2. Improved coordination, posture, balance and spatial awareness.
  3. Cultural enrichment by immersing yourself in the historical and social context of the Baroque era.
  4. Opportunities to participate in events and performances, sharing your passion for baroque dance with other enthusiasts.
  5. Be part of the Escola Luthier de Dansa community, where we encourage learning and creativity in a friendly and supportive environment.

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